Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to have Balance in Nursing School & On the Job!!

How to have Balance during nursing school & on the job.
Remember this:  Balance is a state of mind.
We cannot control our external conditions, the only thing that we have any control over is how we react to these circumstances.
The better we feel… the more complicated circumstances we can handle.
With that said: Here are 7 simple tips that I do on a regular basis to help myself stay balanced.

1.     Remember how lucky I am… and feel grateful…
-       Every day on the job I remind myself how luck I am to provide such highly skilled care to my patients.
-       When I was in nursing school I gave an immense amount of gratititude for having come this far…
2.     Keep up with your relationships… and track it… 
-       let things happen naturally with your relationships…
-       Do special things for your significant other… this is a hard time for them too… constantly remind them that you want to be better for them

3.     Get outside… for a quick job, walk or just to sit and look. 
-       Get 5-7 mins of sunlight/day
4.     Listen to inspiring music from movies!  there is a video on youtube…The link is below but it has the most inspirational music from movies and it always makes me feel better.
Here is the link to my favorite Video J

5.     Make yourself look better!!  When you look good… you feel good… and what is more important than that???
7.     Become present.
Take a deep breath… feel your skin and look at where you are.  This will clear your mind and allow you to consciously think about what you want :)

8.     Get physical:  Stretch and Work out.
-       My workout routine:   
-       Stretches
-       Let lifts
-       walk/ jog for 5-30 mins… preferably outside
-       yoga poses:   The goal through these is to feel discomfort… but to breath through it… I think that this is a great lesion in life.  Watch out for pain though, you should seek professional help before attempting at home… I am not a yoga instructor… I just love yoga!
-       1. Downward facing dog
-       2. Baby cobra
-       2. Wheel pose
-       3. Camel pose
I hope you enjoyed this!!
Let me know if you need anything else!!
Love you all!!
- Caroline Porter Thomas


  1. Yoga seems to be comming up for me more and more. I am curious about why so many people value it the way they do. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hey Great to hear from you again!! Yoga is so much more than an exercise... it helps you in every area of your life :)
    It pretty much helps you quite your mind... much like meditation... but it is more interactive which is more fun :)
    Let me know how it goes!!