Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can I work and go to Nursing School?
Hello Hello my LOVES!!
I am Caroline Porter Thomas and created this video for Marion who asked "Can you make a video about nursing students who have had part time jobs and still excelled in nursing school."
I love how you are intelligently approaching the nursing education process and evaluating whether or not this is something that a working adult could feasibly do!
While I did not work, I did go to school with many nursing students who worked.  While it is not ideal there were a few things that I noticed about the students who worked and were successful.
This is a list of the Traits:

1. They had very clearly outlined goals and they were super excited about what they were working towards.
2. They ate relatively healthy and skipped all of the big group lunches with classmates... as I did too.
3. They said "No" a lot.  To anything that would take them further away from their goals.
4. They surrounded themselves with Driven and Positive people.
5. They utilized every second wisely.... I remember one very driven student would keep his head in the book when everyone else was socializing during a class break.
6. They had a lot of FAITH!!!  That they were doing what they were supposed to be doing, that they would be given the tools necessary to succeed and that their future was going to be much better.
It is possible to work and go to nursing school, yes, but you have to be 20 times more focused for sure!
Another thing that I saw which I forgot to mention was that it did help if they had a job which did allow at least some time to glance through their book or notes.  Jobs like security guards who site at monitor screens or Telemetry technicians or maybe secretary work at a place that is not super duper busy would be great!
I did see quite a few nursing students work as CNA's and although I do think that you will get some great experience, you will most of the time never be able to glance at ANYTHING!!!  Of course depending where and when you work.  I did see a lot of CNA's work the night shift, which did allow about an hour or 2 from the hours of 2am to 4am.  So if you can handle it that could be a good option for you!
So, if you do have to work... don't let that stop you!!
You can still do it!!
For more great tips to help you stay focused you can see my book here!!

Ok I will see you soon!
Love you!
- Caroline

Friday, June 21, 2013

Nursing Burnout! 10 Tips to LOVE Your Nursing Job ALL THE TIME!!
Hello again!
Welcome back to EmpoweRN!
          My name is Caroline Porter Thomas and I'm so excited to have you here!
I got a great video request from my nursing buddy Nurse Krystal who asked,
"Can you do a video on nurses and how to prevent getting burned out or becoming unhappy in the nursing field.  It's my passion but you can always tell when a nurse is burned out and does not like the job.  Why is this and how can it be prevented?"
          I'm really glad that you requested this video, because I do think that if you do not take action to enjoy your job in your nursing career, that the default is to eventually get nursing burnout....
          Although there are many happy nurses and so many ways to be in love with your nursing job, there are probably more ways that you can get burned out.
The job can be very physically and mentally challenging.  Most of the time you are working short handed and there will be multiple times that you will have to handle people directing anger towards you, when things are out of your hands.
Although there are many burnt out nurses, there are tons of ways that you could be really happy as a nurse!
The only problem is this... you really have to be active in learning new ways to stay positive and focused.
Here is a list of 10 things that I do to stay super excited about my job!
You can watch the video or read below... or both ;)

1. One of the very first things that I would recommend is beginning your day with being thankful, by writing down 5 things that you are grateful for.  When we are grateful for the things around us, we feel wealthy, and when we feel wealthy, we are happier :)
2. Another thing that I recommend is to always be on the lookout for ways to grow... become curious and interested in everything.  Ask anyone and everyone questions!!  About everything, new discoveries, new procedures, their personal lives... ect.
3. Stay busy in your body, but clear in your head... as you walk say THANK YOU!!!
4.  Avoid nurses that complain... nothing good can come from complaining and it will just bring you down... so you can do 2 things to get out of the situation.  1st say to that person playfully "If you didn't have this to complain about, then you would find something else ;)" or 2. My personal favorite, act ditzy... Really???? I didn't notice... the complainer will get tired of you and find someone else who gets it (hehe)!
5. Never ever compare your assignment with someone else.  This is a personal journey and you are given the assignment that you are supposed to have.
6. Plan on ways to fill your body with proper nutrients and hydration!  Please watch my video called:  Be an energetic nurse or nursing student!
7. Find your Creator in the hospital... if you look for love you will find it!
8. Turn harsh voices into funny sounds to erase the emotional impact and help you laugh about it!!!
9. Look for ways to spread love to your patients!  Look each of them in the eye with a welcoming smile!  Give appropriate and kind physical gestures, such as a gentle touch on the shoulder!
10. Find ways to go the extra mile.  If a co-worker asks you to start an IV, Document it as well and check to see if they are on IV fluids and then start it for them!  Little things like that will make you feel better and help everyone else around you as well!
Bonus ;)  Most importantly... do not take yourself too seriously!  Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, be easy and fun to talk to!  Don't be afraid to ask a stupid question!
By the way!  More great tips to love your nursing job here!!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Study for Anatomy and Physiology!
Hello my EmpoweRN Loves!!! I am super excited about this week's video and program for you. If there is one question that I get all the time it is this: "How do you study for Anatomy and Physiology." This is the second largest question, after, "How do you study for nursing school."  I believe that A&P was the turning point in my academic success, because once I figured out how to study for anatomy and physiology, I asked myself this question... If I can do this... what else can I do??? So let me tell you a little bit about my story... 
(you can read below and/or watch the video :)

How to Study for Human Anatomy and Physiology!!     
          I accidentally found myself in anatomy and physiology 2 before taking anatomy and physiology 1. I realized that I needed to find a special way to study that involved using my body just as much (if not more) than my mind. Since I had never excelled at anything academically before I really did not have any frame of reference, I felt like I was on my own. I simply asked for guidance to anyone (or anything) that would listen. I believe our creator heard me and led me to this layout. 
          I was amazed to find out this anatomy and physiology study guide was actually fun and much easier! I was also intrigued to find out that knowing exactly what to do while studying for A&P was about 10% of the process. The rest of the program focuses on staying in a mindset that is focused and knows how capable each of us are. I believe if you use this program properly, it will change your life. Before starting anatomy and physiology 2, I was a C, sometimes B average student. After this class everything changed and about a year later, I was on the Deans list. My entire life changed after this one class. 
          I created a video/audio/pdf program to teach you how to study for A&P.  I will teach how I learned thousands of super hard words and develop a more photographic memory! 
          The price is simple, I have a suggested retail price of $17.97. If you cannot afford that please pay what you can. So please pick it up now, because I honestly cannot tell you how long I will have this available for.. maybe for another hour, maybe a week. When I feel like it is time to take it down, I will take it down :) Also, this should be available in most countries, it uses paypal :)

          Make sure you share this with your friends... it is always so much more fun to have people to celebrate your good grades with!!  Study hard, stay focused... you can do this!

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I love you guys!!!!!
- Caroline Porter Thomas

New Nurses Hollar!!!
New Nurse??!!

How to Be a Nurse
Nursing Student??

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