Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can I work and go to Nursing School?
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I am Caroline Porter Thomas and created this video for Marion who asked "Can you make a video about nursing students who have had part time jobs and still excelled in nursing school."
I love how you are intelligently approaching the nursing education process and evaluating whether or not this is something that a working adult could feasibly do!
While I did not work, I did go to school with many nursing students who worked.  While it is not ideal there were a few things that I noticed about the students who worked and were successful.
This is a list of the Traits:

1. They had very clearly outlined goals and they were super excited about what they were working towards.
2. They ate relatively healthy and skipped all of the big group lunches with classmates... as I did too.
3. They said "No" a lot.  To anything that would take them further away from their goals.
4. They surrounded themselves with Driven and Positive people.
5. They utilized every second wisely.... I remember one very driven student would keep his head in the book when everyone else was socializing during a class break.
6. They had a lot of FAITH!!!  That they were doing what they were supposed to be doing, that they would be given the tools necessary to succeed and that their future was going to be much better.
It is possible to work and go to nursing school, yes, but you have to be 20 times more focused for sure!
Another thing that I saw which I forgot to mention was that it did help if they had a job which did allow at least some time to glance through their book or notes.  Jobs like security guards who site at monitor screens or Telemetry technicians or maybe secretary work at a place that is not super duper busy would be great!
I did see quite a few nursing students work as CNA's and although I do think that you will get some great experience, you will most of the time never be able to glance at ANYTHING!!!  Of course depending where and when you work.  I did see a lot of CNA's work the night shift, which did allow about an hour or 2 from the hours of 2am to 4am.  So if you can handle it that could be a good option for you!
So, if you do have to work... don't let that stop you!!
You can still do it!!
For more great tips to help you stay focused you can see my book here!!

Ok I will see you soon!
Love you!
- Caroline

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