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Nursing Burnout! 10 Tips to LOVE Your Nursing Job ALL THE TIME!!
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I got a great video request from my nursing buddy Nurse Krystal who asked,
"Can you do a video on nurses and how to prevent getting burned out or becoming unhappy in the nursing field.  It's my passion but you can always tell when a nurse is burned out and does not like the job.  Why is this and how can it be prevented?"
          I'm really glad that you requested this video, because I do think that if you do not take action to enjoy your job in your nursing career, that the default is to eventually get nursing burnout....
          Although there are many happy nurses and so many ways to be in love with your nursing job, there are probably more ways that you can get burned out.
The job can be very physically and mentally challenging.  Most of the time you are working short handed and there will be multiple times that you will have to handle people directing anger towards you, when things are out of your hands.
Although there are many burnt out nurses, there are tons of ways that you could be really happy as a nurse!
The only problem is this... you really have to be active in learning new ways to stay positive and focused.
Here is a list of 10 things that I do to stay super excited about my job!
You can watch the video or read below... or both ;)

1. One of the very first things that I would recommend is beginning your day with being thankful, by writing down 5 things that you are grateful for.  When we are grateful for the things around us, we feel wealthy, and when we feel wealthy, we are happier :)
2. Another thing that I recommend is to always be on the lookout for ways to grow... become curious and interested in everything.  Ask anyone and everyone questions!!  About everything, new discoveries, new procedures, their personal lives... ect.
3. Stay busy in your body, but clear in your head... as you walk say THANK YOU!!!
4.  Avoid nurses that complain... nothing good can come from complaining and it will just bring you down... so you can do 2 things to get out of the situation.  1st say to that person playfully "If you didn't have this to complain about, then you would find something else ;)" or 2. My personal favorite, act ditzy... Really???? I didn't notice... the complainer will get tired of you and find someone else who gets it (hehe)!
5. Never ever compare your assignment with someone else.  This is a personal journey and you are given the assignment that you are supposed to have.
6. Plan on ways to fill your body with proper nutrients and hydration!  Please watch my video called:  Be an energetic nurse or nursing student!
7. Find your Creator in the hospital... if you look for love you will find it!
8. Turn harsh voices into funny sounds to erase the emotional impact and help you laugh about it!!!
9. Look for ways to spread love to your patients!  Look each of them in the eye with a welcoming smile!  Give appropriate and kind physical gestures, such as a gentle touch on the shoulder!
10. Find ways to go the extra mile.  If a co-worker asks you to start an IV, Document it as well and check to see if they are on IV fluids and then start it for them!  Little things like that will make you feel better and help everyone else around you as well!
Bonus ;)  Most importantly... do not take yourself too seriously!  Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake, be easy and fun to talk to!  Don't be afraid to ask a stupid question!
By the way!  More great tips to love your nursing job here!!

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