Sunday, July 14, 2013 Hello My loving friends who like nursing!! This is Caroline Porter Thomas and I'm so excited to have you with me today! I have something special for my new nurses today... but, if you are a nursing student or have a few years of experience, you may still find this video and the tools helpful. From the day that I graduated nursing school I wanted to make sure that I had a plan that would help me stay on fire for my job. I saw many people in the hospital that looked like they hated being there... I wanted to be different. I wanted to make sure that I grew and became better and better as time went on. The first tool that I have for you is this:

 A tool to help you "Begin with the End in Mind... or begin with the end that you "Want" in mind. I got this awesome tip from Dr. Wayne Dyers book: The 7 habits of highly effective people! It has changed my life. Every day I walk into the job thinking about how I can be the best nurse in the world... this does not mean that I fall short of this many days... but I can honestly tell you that looking for ways that I can go above and beyond the job has truly made this a calling and not a job :) The 2nd tool is to help you deal with the tough issues that we face. For example, nursing mistakes, medical errors and emotionally tough issues may be something that you have to deal with on the job... we all do. Attached is a little tool that explains a process that I go through to help me see the situation from a different angle. It helps me put the emotional feelings aside, while still learning the important lesion so that I will not make the same mistake in the future! The final tool is one that will indeed help you love your job in 20 years! The reason for this is because it helps you face the truth... you need to grow and become something more. True life begins after college and when you have a solid/stable career. What other career would give you 4 days off to focus on how you can improve your life and move your life forward? So just click on the link here and you will be given all the tools immediately :) I hope you love them because I love you!! Cannot wait to see you again soon!! Lots of love, - Caroline

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