Friday, August 30, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello My loves!!
I have been experiencing a very high volume of emails, which honestly I'm so excited to have :)  But unfortunately now I'm unable to respond to all of them.
To make up for this I have typed up a bunch of my frequently asked questions here!  I will add to it as more question come in.   I will also start Vlogging more often!

-------------------------------Frequently Asked Questions-------------------------------------------------

1.      Where can I find your books?

- If you just go to and type in my full name, Caroline Porter Thomas, you will find both of the books.  The 1st one is for nursing students How to Succeed in Nursing School.  The 2nd is for new nurses New Nurse? How to Get Keep & LOVE Your First Nursing Job.   They are available in both the paperback and Kindle formats. 

2.     Where can I find your program for Anatomy & Physiology Study tips?

- You can find it on my website at:  It is on the tab “How to Study for A&P.”  Just fyi, I set it to a pay what you want/can mode. I really want everyone to have this :).  I hope it helps you tremendously!

3.     I purchased the Anatomy & Physiology program; however, I cannot download the program.  What should I do?

  Here are the steps, this solves 99% of the problems. 
I have found that there are a few things that can be done to ensure that the program is properly downloaded.
- Restart your computer and try to download the program again.
- If this does not work: Please purchase another link for one penny on the same purchase page… this will give you another download link.  I have found that some of the links do not work great from the start… sorry about that.  Once you have a new link and you have restarted your computer or device, please try to re-download it.  Again, this usually works.
- If this is not the case please try to download it on another computer or device.
- If this still does not work, please email me again with this title: “A&P trouble shooting did not work” and I will find another way to give you the program.
Also, iPad users, the program has to be opened with an application that should be free.  It is super easy, this video should help:

4.     Where can I find the 7 Study Tips for Nursing Students?

If you go to my website:  on the Free Tools from Youtube tab, then enter your name & email you can get them within minutes.

5.     Which NCLEX book do you recommend?

- I personally recommend Mosbys... if you go to and type in “Mosby's, NCLEX RN” it will come up...the book is red.  I recommend this one for a few reasons. First, it has the easiest format to read and understand and second, they have a unique section for “Nursing Fundamentals.”

6. Where can I find the ATI videos you mentioned in your first book?

- Actually you used to have to purchase the entire program in order to have access to these DVD’s, now it is much better!  You can purchase each DVD individually and it is so much cheaper.  If you just go to and search:  ATI Nursing DVD’s you can purchase each specialty individually.  I recommend that you find out which class and subject you will taking in the upcoming semester and then purchase the DVD related to that topic.  For example, if you are taking Med/Surg:  look for ATI Nursing DVD Med/Surg. 

7.  I’m still in high school or about to graduate:  Do you have any tips for me?

-       I sure do!  I created a video just for you guys J  Which can be found here:

8. What are the symbols on the “Abnormal Labs” tab from your book: New Nurse? How to Get, Keep & Love Your First Job?

 -   I have created a video to explain this!  It can be found here:

9. How can I submit a video request?

-       I look at the comments section below each Youtube video for most of the video request.   For a private request you can email my gmail account at  In the Subject line please place  “Private Video Request”  Please also specify the name/nickname or whether you would like to remain anonymous.

      10. Do you recommend LPN, RN or BSN & what is the difference?

         - in this video I explain the differences/benefits/disadvantages:

11. Where can I find your audios?

-       I upload  new audios regularly!  You can keep up with them by subscribing to my Soundcloud J
Here is my username:

12.  Do you have any specific tips for Chemistry?

-       Unfortunately Chemistry was the fist science college class that I took, so I did get a tutor.  Therefore I do not have any specific tips to offer.  Some of the students that purchased my study tips for Anatomy & Physiology however said that this helped them with chemistry as well.  So you may find it helpful.  You can find that program here:
      13. I don't see my question here, what can I do?

         - Please post a comment on the Youtube Channel:  EmpoweRN & I will try my best to create a video for you :) What I have noticed is that if you have the question.... a lot of other peps probably have the same question!
      Also, comments with a lot of likes rise to the top of the Comments sections... so encourage others to "Like" this comment so it is easier for me to see :) 


  1. What gpa in high school do you need to go to nursing school? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Annabelle. If I am not mistaken you should have it at 3 and higher, otherwise they will have you bring it up one way or the other. I went to a community college and even in the nursing program you have to keep your grades up or you are out. I hope I wasn't too far from what is being done lately. Good luck

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  3. Hi Caroline, My name is Tuba, I'm a foreign nurse, I recently passed NCLEX-RN exam I'm waiting my license now I used your y]Youtube video's that helped me a lot! thank you so much! Now I'm working on my resume and I'm preparing to myself interview I had experience in my country.I worked ICU 5 years in my country do you have any advise for me? or Are you doing tutoring for interview? please help me..I'm still watching you'r interview video's thank you so much!:)