Monday, October 14, 2013

Test Taking Tips :)

Hola my loves!  This is Caroline with some Motivation for your Monday!
This week’s topic is focusing on some test taking strategies for those super difficult college & nursing exams!

 Tips to acing the test.
General Test taking tips:
1.     study up until the last second…. When the professor is telling you to put the books away…. Then, by all means put it away ;)
2.     Cover up the answers
3.     When ever you are reading a question… hopefully you can write
4.     Read the question with the answers covered up and then take a deep breath in and think about what the answer could be.
5.     Write down what you think the answer could be
6.     Then you look at the selection of answers… hopefully you find a match.
7.     If you do not know the answer… mark it and continue on with the test.
8.     2 things can happen… 1. A few questions down the line you will remember the answer. Or 2. More than often you can find the answer to this test question hidden in another question or questions possible answer.
9.     If you absolutely do not know the answer than select what you belive could be an option and change this ONLY if you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that a different answer is the correct one.
10. Remember to take deep breaths throughout this process and every time you read a question.  Many times people fail test due to anxiety… breathing deep is one of the most relaxing things you can do to help with the anxiety.

Specific nursing tips:
NCLEX style questions are started Day 1 in nursing school.  These are usually multiple choice and select all that apply!  It is best to start reviewing NCLEX questions related to the subject from day 1!  I personally loved Mosby’s because I felt like they had the easiest to read & review.  As well as a hard to find section related to Nursing Fundamentals!

1.     you always have a “perfect scenario” ie. Perfect staffing, Doctors orders and all the time to focus on this situation.
2.     RN buzz words: teaching, documenting, calling the Dr. or provider or assessing. These are task that cannot be delegated. 
3.     ABC’s or D – disability.  Your first priorities are airway, breathing and circulation… unless your patient does not have a pulse in which this switches to Circulation, Airway and then breathing which is the focus for CPR.
4.     In the NCLEX you never leave your patient.
Pay attention to every single word; if possible underline important words as you read!  Look for absolute words, like:  All, Always, Every, Just, only, never, none, no, not, must.

5.     Select all that apply: you really need to know the disease process, but just keep in mind that on the NCLEX these are the most difficult type of questions, so if you are seeing them, most likely you are doing well on the exam.

Most important is to complete question after question non-stop until you are exhausted. At which time you take a nap then start it all over!!
Keep up the good work and I will see you next week!!
I love you!!
- Caroline

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