Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Detach From Work :)

How to Detach from Work!
5 Tips to help you leave work at work and be present for your fam when you get home :)
1.   Make the Decision that you will leave work at work and be present when you are home.  This will help you be a much better wife, husband, mother, father… and nurse!!
2. When you get home think about what your loved ones need and be so busy making other people feel good that you start glowing from love ;)
3. Stay away from the gossip at work! Be in your patients rooms making them feel good as much as you can!!
4. Have a “feeling good” ritual before you leave to go home!!  This way you are ensuring your self care and self love so that you can great your family with a big smile ;) Some rituals that may work for you could be: Brushing your teeth like me, eating a little snack, drinking a glass of water, praying, meditating, writing down 3 things that you are grateful for ect!

(sorry totally forgot to mention STEP 5 lol!!)
5. When you have a bad patient outcome, for example your patient is diagnosed with a scary disease or you have a patient that passes away, faith is seriously needed. I have faith that I do not know why many things happen, but everything does happen for a reason. No matter how wrong or hard it may seem on the surface, everything ultimately does turn out to be good.  This faith allows me to go home still feeling good and with a clear mind ready to be with my hubby!
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