Monday, September 23, 2013

Inspiration for Nursing Students!!

Hello my loves!!
I love listening or should I say reading the overlying tone of comments & emails… and if there is one thing for sure it is this:  Nursing School has started for many of you and it is shocking!  I’m getting a lot of emails from students who are saying that nursing school is completely stressing them out and if I have any tips to deal with this.  Well since I did overcome the stress of nursing school and I also work in a very very stressful environment there are definitely a few tips that I can give you!
Lets focus on the top 5.

1. Tip number one meditate!  All you have to do is go to the top of a mountain, stay in the same position and not think about anything for at least 2 hours :)
ORRRRR – You could do what I do every day and this is call which is called a pause meditation.  All this means is that you take an every day moment, but somehow become fully present in this moment.  Become fully aware of your surroundings, feel every part of your body and send out one huge thank you for the gift of it all… even the things that are stressing you out the most! 
This is a well known type of meditation and if you would like to learn more about it you can watch this video here!!
2. Move & Stretch – Stress causes muscles to tense up which slightly decreases the natural flow of blood.  But this can ultimately make you feel really uncomfortable.  Getting up and stretching for 1 minute can have a drastic change in how you feel instantly!  If you’re in class wait for a break and put your booty up against the wall and go to town.  Your classmates will make fun of you…. But secretly they will be wanting to do it as well.
3. Be aware of how foods are making you feel and have “Power Snacks” around you at all times!  I completely stopped eating a “Lunch” or “Meal” during the day in college because all I wanted to do afterwards was “Go to Sleep.”  Instead I always made sure I had  healthy snacks around me including (but not limited to): Nuts, Carrot sticks, sliced grapefruit, a banana, granola or anything else that made me feel good and nourished my body!  Having these foods around all the time helped me relax and focus on my studies.
4. Say NO!!!  The nursing profession attacks the sweetest people in the world; many of us have the hardest time saying no!  But saying YES to something is always saying NO to something else!  You have to be ok with putting yourself first, so that you can be more of an asset to the world later!
5. Put yourself around positive words!  Guys, turn off the TV, Watch limited Youtube videos that are not directly related to your goals, surround yourself with encouraging words!  Limiting distractions could be the number one challenge of our time!!  So take the initiative and do just that!  Just a little gift for you, I have created an audio with the link below which you can download immediately.  This includes good music and quotes from the most amazing people that walked the face of this earth!  They will remind you that hard work, focus and consistency is the key to your success as well as recharge your batteries to keep going strong!
I hope you found this helpful!!
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Cannot wait to see you again next week!!
Lots of love,

- Caroline

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